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Your child can access assignments on a computer, tablet, or phone by using the following image link:



My name is Mr. Jeffery (Jeff) Cole and the 2021-2022 school year will be my 24th as a teacher in St. Charles. I attended Bigfork High School (50 miles north of Grand Rapids, MN) and I am also a graduate of Bemidji State University, with a Master’s Degree from Winona State University. Prior to teaching, I worked as a program assistant at The Headwaters Science Center in Bemidji, MN.

My wife Angela and I have been married for 21 years.  We have two lovely children, Celia Rose (17) & Riley King (14). We also have a 100 lb. yellow lab named Togo. As a family, we love sports, music, books & comics.

When visiting the classroom you will get a better sense of my personality and interests. First of all, Room 117 is home to many critters because the living world simply fascinates me. I REALLY think you will like meeting Muddy & Mēka! I enjoy “noodling” on my guitar in class and you can expect that I’ll have your child read voraciously, write & draw … All things that bring me happiness. You may even hear about Mr. Cole growing up in “The Old Days” with stories of a wolf attack, pet deer, a deadly bear casserole, and the dreaded outhouse! 

It is also very important to me that your child feels comfortable in our classroom … And getting to know each other is the first step. Here is an image link to a sharing tool that my class has used in the past. Do a little exploring and upload your own introduction video! (You can log in by using your child’s first name.)

I’d also like you to be aware that I’m adding parent emails to a number of other tools. I apologize for any disruptions this may cause to your inbox. Some items (including Flipgrid) will have available applications that can be downloaded from the Apple and/or Google stores. Feel free to reach out if you have any difficulties.

Thank you for allowing me the chance to introduce myself. I’m very excited to welcome you to our first-grade community!

Hasta Luego,

Mr. Cole

From Ms. Perrizo:

The library is planning a walking field trip To the St. Charles Public Library on Thursday, May 6th. Please look for a permission slip in your child’s folder and return it to school by Wednesday, April 28th. If you want your child to register for a public library card at this time, please fill out the form and return it with the permission slip.


March Madness

For me, March is an exciting month because it’s tournament time! So, I thought it might be nice to try and bring some of that March excitement to our classroom. I’m currently planning activities for the week of March 15th – 18th. Hopefully, this will help students stay engaged as we conclude the winter season. Stay tuned …

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Bonus Footage


In the event that your child/family needs to be quarantined, I will put together packets similar to what we’ve used in the past. I believe the school will deliver them and I’ll reach out with details on where we are in each subject. Also, note the checklist hyperlinks below this post. They will help you with the completion of daily tasks.

Unfortunately, the first-grade team has found that the live meetings make classroom management difficult now that we are in-person. The hybrid model allowed us to juggle the platforms because we only had half of the class in the room. Screen time is also a concern for us. Now, if for some reason the quarantine were to be extended beyond ten days, our plan is to return to some form of video interaction with the class. We’ll cross that bridge if we get there …

Reading Checklist

Math Checklist


You may also want to make use of my YouTube Channel …




This week students will have their first experience with a formal spelling test. They have been working hard to learn our core words, but there are basic strategies that first graders need to know beyond memorization.  Students have had practice making word-families, so they have already been exposed to some of the strategies.

Please use the list found in the newsletter to help your first grader prepare for the test.  Keep these words for the entire week and return the worksheet on the day of the quiz. There will be eight words to practice.

To review the procedure;

Each Friday you will find a list of words in the yellow homework folder. There will be a total of eight points possible each week. Run through the list every night with your first grader and note any patterns. We will discuss the words in class as well. You may also want to administer a “practice test” at home on Thursday nights.

We will continue to address spelling primarily within authentic writing experiences (journals), but these tests will certainly promote useful spelling skills.


Welcome Back!

I’m sure that you and your first grader are excited about returning to the building tomorrow, as am I. It feels like the first day of school! I’m also certain that it will take some time to reacquaint ourselves with the routines, and each other, but I’m not worried. We’ve got the materials needed to hit the ground running and you can be confident that I’ve been preparing for this day.

Now, you have a lot of materials at home and are probably wondering what should be done with them. Hold tight! Please don’t throw anything just yet. I am going to ask for you to return most of it, but not on the first day. Let’s do it slowly. Below you will find a list of items to send back this week:

Blue Bookbag

Green Take-Home Folder

Mr. Cole’s Storybooks  

School Device (iPad)

Don’t fret if you can’t locate some of these items. I do have extras, but please return them when they appear. I’ll be asking for the packets and other tools in the near future.

Also, we now have snow on the ground so be sure to send hats, mittens, and snow pants!

Hasta Luego,

Mr. Cole

Telling Time

Mr. Cole’s first graders are beginning to learn about aspects of time and will be developing an understanding of how long a minute is.  Students will also be learning how to read an analog clock using the hour and minute hands to tell time to the hour and half hour.

In the coming weeks, the class will focus on longer durations of time and use the calendar as a tool to measure days, weeks, and months.  First graders need to know each of these units in their correct order.

At home, you may also want to review kindergarten concepts such as; yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


You can pick up a new bag of materials this week, and I’m including information that may help in attending multiple classes. Hopefully, you have had an opportunity to view the instructional video posted to Flipgrid. I’ve also created a technology topic on the site that families can use for troubleshooting purposes. Please use the links below, and good luck!

Distance Learning

I know that you are being inundated with a lot of information in a short period of time. Remember, our daily schedule will not change, and never feel as if you need to accomplish everything on our list. Do what works for your family. I know that everyone’s situation is different.

And please recognize that right now we are developing resilient kids that will be able to tackle enormous challenges in the future!